Integral Investigations

Integral Investigations are fully licensed private investigators and have been based just over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in North Sydney for 20 years, before relocating into the Sydney CBD in 2016.  We have the very same management that started the company in the 90’s. That means highly experienced, and extremely stable.

Our private investigators are highly skilled in a variety of facets including surveillance, missing persons, factual investigations, fraud, family law and insurance based investigation. Your initial contact is always with the Managing Director will make sure that your situation is thoroughly examined, and then an investigation plan can be put in place. Once the investigation plan is in place, only licensed Sydney private investigators will be working for you. We have investigators from all walks of life – male, female, older, younger, varying cultural backgrounds, all with different life experiences who can provide a wealth of knowledge with the aim of sorting out the issue at hand.

The Integral Investigations client base is as varied as the investigations that we carry out. Regular clients include insurers, solicitors, business and government. We don’t stop there though, we actually specialise in meeting the needs of an individual with one-off problems and issues – please contact us for a free chat so that we can see what we may be able to do to help you.

If it is a highly experienced, professional and stable firm of Sydney private investigators that you are after, contact the experts at Integral Investigations today. Please click through to the full website for further information on our services, background and processes.

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NSW CAPI License No: 410627244
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