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Welcome to the Investigative Collective – a group of licensed Sydney private investigators here to help you. A quick Google search of the term “private investigator Sydney” will give you pages and pages of investigation firms. Like all industries, some firms are more reputable than others – so which one should you choose??

The private investigation firms listed in our Collective are fully licensed, professional, trustworthy, discreet and most importantly reputable. Browse through the information on the following pages and absorb what each investigation firm can do for you or your company. When you find a private investigator Sydney that you like the sound of, give them a call or email directly – quick responses are assured.

Whilst there are dozens of licensed private investigators in Sydney, the industry itself is rather small and many operators are single investigators – there are only a handful of firms outside of the insurance investigation market that have the experience and know-how to sort out client issues professionally. Choose your firm – research thoroughly before deciding – steer away from those with negative press. Use only a trusted and professional Sydney private detective.


Individually, our private investigators are all fully licensed by the NSW Police and are highly trained and experienced in a number of different investigative fields. All private investigators carry up to date technology, and will always work within the state and federal laws so your evidence is always usable. There is no point gaining evidence through non-legal means if it negates the results or even worse, lands you in trouble with the authorities. Whether it be a business matter, legal issue, or just something personal then our Sydney private investigator is here to help. We have licensed private investigators in Sydney, and there is no fee for travel time and mileage because we will always have an investigator close to you.

Pick up the phone and call one of our affiliate private investigation firms, and they will only be too happy to have a chat about your assignment. Or if you prefer the discretion of email, you will find email links to all of our Sydney private investigator on the following pages. We can assure you that emails will be answered promptly.