Corporate Investigations

National Corporate & Business Investigations (known as Corporate Investigations) was formed in 1997 by the Managing Director in response for the need for quality investigative work required by businesses, government, legal bodies, individuals and other entities. The investigation industry in Australia is relatively small, and we realised at the time there was a market to businesses that have one-off problems and did not have the regular need for private investigators, or knew how to find them when the need arose. The larger investigation firms, of which there are only a few, tend to concentrate on insurance type investigations and this area of investigation is their prime source of income. These insurance based clients are their main concern (and rightly so). While we certainly have our ‘regular’ clients, our client base is largely made up of entities that have not had the need for retaining a private investigator on a prior occasion.

Corporate Investigations has the experience in understanding unique requirements, sourcing specialist private investigators, developing action plans, carrying out actual investigations, (adjusting direction if required), and presenting results.

We have an office in Sydney located at 65 York St Sydney after moving in 2016 from 90 Mount St North Sydney where we have been since 2005. Previously we were located two blocks away in McLaren St North Sydney; Alfred St North Sydney; and Lavender St Milsons Point as far back as the late 90’s. All of our specialist private investigators are licensed by the NSW Police under the CAPI legislation. We do anything from surveillance based private investigations, to missing persons to high end factual and fraud investigations.

If you have any further questions just contact us at any time, or follow the link to our full website for more information on our products and investigation services.

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NSW CAPI License No: 410627244
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